Bird Watching

Black Head the Gobbins Cliffs and seven sister caves.
View the 120m high cliffs.
Bringing you up to a boat length from the caves.
Before the war the Gobbins area was one of the most popular sites in Ireland, having, more visitors than the Giants Causeway.
A narrow path was erected in 1902 by the Railway company, with an advertisement proclaiming
“new cliff path along the Gobbins, with its ravines, bore caves, natural aquariums …. has no parallel in Europe as a marine walk”
The path fell into disrepair during the 2nd. World war and closed back in 1962. You can see bits of the old walkway from the boat. In 1642 the British army and a group of “planters “ attacked the local Irish Magee clan driving the women and children over the cliff edge from their ancient home lands unto the sharp rocks below. Some say even to this day you can see the blood stains on these rocks!. (photo below right)
Even though, you will be overwhelmed by the noise and smells of the sea birds, – the hustle and bustle is also a place of peace

The Gobbins – Islandmagee
Victorian entrepreneurs realised the economic potential of our coastlines. They built holiday resorts and great piers to attract a new middle class with money to spend.
In Northern Ireland railway magnate Dean Berkeley Wise constructed the most audacious cliff walk in these islands – nearly three miles of heart-stopping paths, bridges and tunnels along the magnificent Gobbins cliffs, just a few feet above the waves of the Irish Sea.
Opened in 1902, the Gobbins Cliff Path was an immediate hit with the tourists, and remained one of Northern Ireland’s most popular attractions until the outbreak of the Second World War caused its closure.
Today The Gobbins are now accessible by a new walkway and not forgotten. It remains an amazing testament to the Victorian entrepreneurial spirit, which still brings so many of us to the coast. It is now open to the public.
For at least 50 years Irelands best kept secret was to view the cliffs by sea. The good news is that the Bangor Boat still offers the best overall view. Remember to text or email so we can make you aware that the sea is calm and we are of to the Gobbins.